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Every owner has different needs and you can rest assured that we will customize our service to meet your individual needs

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We pride ourselves on treating our owners as individuals and make it our business to know each and every owner personally. This is possible because we made a conscious decision when we started HRD to ensure that our company NEVER became too big to make our owners feel anonymous.

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Within the company we have taken great steps over the last few years to make sure that we are at the cutting edge of technology and to ensure HRD has the most efficient management and communications solutions that the market has to offer. If you have made enquiries to other Real Estate companies about managing your property they will delight in telling you which Management Software that they use. Our experience is that ONE SIZE does not fit all and is inflexible. Here at HRD we use a “modular” system with world leading software integrated seamlessly into our operational platform. Once you become an HRD Owner you will be  allocated your own “DropBox” TM. This means that all documents  that relate to you as the owner as well as  your tenants documents can be shared with you over the Cloud in real time 24/7. This “DropBox” Tm file becomes the home of your comprehensive monthly accounting statement, contractor’s invoices, tax documents, property inspections and a host of other relevant material. Our Accounting system is “QuickBooks TM” seamlessly integrating with “Dropbox TM” and we offer the choice of direct deposit of rents to your bank account through ACH ensuring you have your rent payment as quickly as possible. To complete the modular approach ALL legal documents are now handled via “Docusign TM” providing a quick and secure method of Document authorization. This “modular” approach ensures that we apply THE latest and best internationally recognised software options and are not welded to only ONE Property Management Software system.

Legal Backup

In a world where litigation is prevalent and risk management a major concern HRD are proud to be partnered with a premier real estate firm of attorneys called Heist, Weiss & Wolk. This partnership has been in place for thirteen years now and on behalf of our owners has provided an invaluable resource on many occasions. Heist and Weiss are enormously proactive with advice and knowledge about constantly changing Florida Real Estate Law and when needed have proved invaluable in court. Owners will gain great reassurance knowing that if required the legal muscle is there to step in their corner.

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If you have reached our website and or have been referred to us and would like further information please use the contact us form or the free rental appraisal form to get in touch with us. We will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have and will send you a “DropBox” TM link which will contain further information about us and our company. Before you leave this page  PLEASE take the time to view the following PowerPoint presentation (below) which will provide a greater insight into what we do and don’t forget to visit our property management services page to see the full range of services we offer.

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If you would like to contact us about any aspect of our professional services please use the contact page and a member of our experienced team will contact you within 24 hours.

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